Due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred, cleaning my home the way it needed to be done was the last thing on my priority list, not to mention I had no time and was too tired when I had a moment to spare.  Keeping up with everything by myself was a lot and very stressful while we dealt with my husband recovering and a death in the family.

They were able to come when I need this the most.  They loved on me, prayed for not just me but my home/household.  I felt so nice to come out of my office to a fully cleaned home!  It smelled wonderful and was such a weight off my shoulders to know it was done and done well!!!  

I wish I had taken pictures of everything to show!  But let me just say that they were able to get clean things that I could not get clean!  I not only recommend them for anyone who needs a blessing but I want them to come back!!